Teleradiology Breast MRI Reading

Breast MRI Reading

Argus Radiology provides your facility with the expertise and support you need to successfully perform breast MRIs. Due to low demand or inadequate reimbursements, breast MRIs often do not provide enough volume to allow for a full-time breast specialist or necessary Computer Aided Detection (CAD) post-processing software.

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By partnering with Argus Radiology, we can provide you accurate breast MRI readings including off-site post-processing of your breast MR imaging with CAD via teleradiology at a cost you can afford. There is little to no minimum charge or start up cost required.

You will have your breast MRIs read by one of our experienced, subspecialty breast radiologists. In addition to breast MRI interpretation, Argus radiologists are available for direct consultation on certain diagnostic mammography studies where a second opinion is preferred.

Argus Breast MRI Reading Services Provide:

  • Off-site post-processing and CAD
  • Detailed, expert Breast MRI Reports
  • Images and reports online
  • Final reports within 24 hours
  • MQSA-compliant results

With the more recent advances in computer technology, Argus Radiology can remotely provide your team with the greater accuracy and sensitivity afforded by CAD when interpreting breast MRIs. Digitally subtracted images and analysis of enhancement kinetics allow our radiologists to better identify and characterize breast lesions.

Argus Radiologists offer comprehensive solutions regarding MRI Breast Interpretation so that your facility can offer consistent care for:

  • Screening of women at high or moderate risk for developing breast cancer
  • Detecting and identifying tumors
  • Determining which course of cancer treatment may be most optimal
  • Evaluating breast implant integrity