Fractional FTE Teleradiology

Fractional FTE Radiology & Teleradiology Services

Radiology groups often run into the quandary of needing more help on either a regular or part-time basis. Our Fractional FTE services can be tailored to meet your precise needs for extra support with your radiology and teleradiology services.

Partnering with Argus Radiology allows you to remain cost effective while maintaining a manageable workload. We are committed to helping you achieve a consistently high standard of radiology and teleradiology that will help your business thrive.

Maintain Better Control of your Practice with Argus Radiology

Our radiologists are board-certified, customer-care driven, passionate professionals who give quality results. You will gain the confidence for you and your staff to take vacation time, holiday and weekend breaks and have the coverage you need when the unexpected arises. We work for your business as if it were our own.

If it is more support during regular work hours you need, Argus Radiology professionals are there for as much or as little as necessary. We can provide daytime final reads and night-time call coverage on a daily or as needed basis.

Teleradiology Support for Radiologists by Radiologists

Because Argus Radiology is radiologist owned and operated, we uniquely understand the high demands of your business like no one except another radiologist could. We are staffed enough to handle your needs, yet sized right to always keep customer service first and foremost. We assure you that you will receive the personal attention you deserve.

Argus Radiology Provides the Finest Technological Standards with Teleradiology

The technology employed by Argus Radiology meets or exceeds all ACR, DICOM and HIPAA standards. State-of-the-art productivity tools and continuous monitoring and maintenance issues are addressed before they may become problematic for you.

Argus Radiology Fractional FTE Radiology and Teleradiology Services Mean:

  • Highest standards of radiology support whenever you need it
  • Support by a radiologist owned and operated company
  • Continuous monitoring for improvement of all systems and workflow
  • Quick 20 to 30-minute turnaround for STAT results
  • Extraordinary customer care