Preliminary Teleradiology Reads

Argus Radiologists address the needs of small, mid or large-sized hospitals with preliminary teleradiology reads. Our clients know they can trust Argus Radiology to deliver quality preliminary interpretations with an average turnaround time of less than 20 minutes.

Our dedication to excellence means that quality and expediency is key to every preliminary teleradiology read and each report is 100 percent over read by an on-site radiologist. When discrepancies occur, they are subjected to the Argus Quality Assurance process which includes review by the reading radiologist, and the quality control radiologist as needed. Additionally, three percent of all preliminary reads are randomly assigned for independent peer review.

Whether your need for preliminary teleradiology reads are for overflow situations, long or short term, we deliver. Our expert, quality conscious Argus radiologists give you the support you need in an efficient, cost effective and consistent manner.

Argus Radiology Provides Radiology and Teleradiology Preliminary Reads that Offer:

  • Rapid turnaround of approximately 20 minutes
  • Expedited turnaround for critical and stroke studies
  • Immediate phone call for any critical findings
  • Quality customer service and monthly reports
  • Seamless integration with your facility
  • Tireless efforts to improve upon the support we offer you
  • Relentless internal quality control program

Let Argus Radiology help solve your need for immediate support with preliminary teleradiology reads. Our board-certified radiologists work diligently to meet the high standards and expectations we promise to each of our clients.

Preliminary Teleradiology Reads with Accurate Reporting and Quick Feedback

Because your preliminary reads are transmitted via teleradiology, you gain all the flexibility you need, when it is necessary. As with all of our services, Argus radiologists are available seven days a week, 24 hours per day. We cover after hours, overflow and emergency workload, or we can simply fill in when you run short on coverage due to vacation schedules, holidays, weekends or meetings.

While Argus Radiology offers consistent quality service with preliminary teleradiology reads, we also value the human aspect of what we provide. We understand your commitment to assure your patients receive optimal care at all times with no exceptions. Argus Radiology will seamlessly support your team to offer the finest comprehensive solutions and support with preliminary teleradiology reads. We deliver on our promises offering you the right balance of technological sophistication coupled with caring professionals who treat your business as if it were their own.

Experienced Team of Board-Certified Radiologists to Serve You

Argus Radiology services hospitals, imaging centers, mobile imaging companies and other healthcare facilities that utilize professional radiology services delivered via teleradiology. Argus Radiology services are provided by a team of experienced radiologists who are United States trained, based and board-certified. We offer both preliminary and final reports through our teleradiology coverage solutions.

Argus Provides Teleradiology Services with the Flexibility You Need:

  • Virtual locum coverage for illnesses, vacations, holidays, weekends, and meetings
  • After hours and emergency coverage
  • Responsive 24/7/365
  • Preliminary and final reads sent within 20 – 30 minutes
  • A Radiologist available for phone consultation when you need it