Digital Mammography Screening

Telemammography Services

Whether you need diagnostic support with 3D breast tomosynthesis (one of the newest, most powerful diagnostic tools for the early detection of breast cancer), ultrasound or MRI screening, Argus Radiology provides accurate reporting for screening, diagnosis and post therapy imaging. Our workflow and image analytic solutions are tailor made to address your particular radiology department needs and protocol.

Digital Mammography Screening

With Argus Radiology as your partner, your center has the opportunity to improve productivity and workflow for your business, while offering women the most advanced technology to support life-saving early detection, effective diagnosis, intervention and treatment.

By offering the finest interpretation possible, Argus Radiology maintains a steadfast interest in the field of women’s healthcare.

Recent Breast Cancer Studies According to the National Cancer Institute Show:

    • One out of every eight women born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during her life.
    • Advancing age is the greatest risk for developing breast cancer. A woman’s risk increases as she gets older.

Factors such as inherited changes in certain genes, personal or family history of breast cancer, having dense breasts, beginning to menstruate before age 12, starting menopause after age 55, having a first full-term pregnancy after age 30, never having been pregnant, obesity after menopause and even alcohol use can contribute to increased chances of developing breast cancer.

With high rates of breast cancer in the United States, accurate screening, reporting and early diagnosis is crucial to your mammography services. Allow Argus Radiology to support your center with the feedback, care and responsiveness you want to provide to all of your clients needing digital mammography screening.

Digital Mammography Screening with Accurate Reporting and Quick Feedback

Because your digital mammography screenings are facilitated through teleradiology via your partnership with Argus Radiology, you gain all the flexibility you need, when it is necessary. As with all of our services, Argus Radiology covers after hours, overflow and emergency workload, or we can simply fill in when you run short on coverage due to vacation schedules, holidays, weekends or meetings.

While Argus Radiology offers the latest advances in teleradiology, we also value the human aspect of what we provide. We understand your commitment to assure your patients receive optimal care at all times with no exceptions. Argus Radiology will seamlessly support your team to offer the finest comprehensive solutions and support with teleradiology. We deliver on our promises offering you the right balance of technological sophistication coupled with caring professionals who treat your business as if it were their own.

Experienced Team of Board-Certified Radiologists to Serve You

Argus Radiology services hospitals, imaging centers, mobile imaging companies and other healthcare facilities that utilize professional radiology services delivered via teleradiology. Argus Radiology services are provided by a team of experienced radiologists who are United States trained, based and board-certified. We offer both preliminary and final reports through our teleradiology coverage solutions.

Argus Radiology Provides Teleradiology Services with the Flexibility You Need:

  • Virtual locum coverage for illnesses, vacations, holidays, weekends, and meetings
  • After hours and emergency coverage
  • Responsive 24/7/365
  • Preliminary and final reads sent within 20 – 30 minutes
  • A Radiologist available for phone consultation when you need it