Radiology Peer Review Program

Radiology Independent Peer Review

The primary focus of Argus Radiology independent peer review program is to provide consistent structure and quality controls to help client facilities comply with joint commission requirements.

Dr. Jamey D. Wright, president and chief medical officer, serves as the independent peer review committee chairman and oversees every aspect of the independent peer review and quality assurance programs. The goals of our radiology independent peer review program are to ensure patient safety and quality with an emphasis on physician education and the lowest possible error rate. Second opinion consultations are made available to clients at all times.

Additionally, Argus Radiology fully cooperates with each client’s unique independent peer review policies and procedures, and our programs meet or exceed the American College of Radiology and those of the Joint Commission.

Modeled after ACR RADPEER™, reported discrepancies are reviewed by our quality assurance committee representatives. Monthly, quarterly or interval based feedback is provided based on your particular needs for radiology independent peer review FPPE/OPPE reports.