For facilities that manage stroke patients, every minute matters. Argus Radiology partners closely with clients to manage turnaround time and quality when dealing with the time-sensitive needs of stroke victims.

Argus Radiology Stroke Protocol Delivers Quick Turnaround with Quality Results

Our carefully constructed teleradiology stroke protocol program is structured to fit the unique requirements of Joint Commission certified stroke centers. Because of our commitment to quality, Argus Radiology offers an average turnaround time of less than 10 minutes following receipt of the images.

Detailed monthly turnaround time reports are provided to facilitate your tracking and documentation requirements. Technical support is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Argus Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Program

Potential stroke patients are an immediate priority with the Argus Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Program:

  • Patient is scanned at client facility and images are sent to Argus
  • Study is flagged as a Stroke Protocol study in the Argus online RIS
  • Stroke exams are given immediate priority by the acting radiologist
  • An Argus radiologist reviews the images and marks results as critical whether positive or negative
  • A call is made directly to the referring physician and results are posted to the server, available by fax, viewable online, or imported electronically into your EMR or HIS/RIS via optional HL7 integration. Because prompt care plays such a crucial role in treating stroke victims, Argus Radiology’s teleradiology stroke protocol program is geared to deliver the information you need promptly and accurately. We deliver precise information so that you can take prompt action and provide the best care possible to your patients who suffer a stroke.

Teleradiology stroke protocal timesheet

Argus Radiology Stroke Protocol Procedure and Performance:

Teleradiology stroke protocal check sheet

Raising the Standard of Care through Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Program

Argus Radiology understands that “time is brain” and every minute counts and can mean life or death when it comes to caring for patients suffering from a stroke. Argus Radiology helps you consistently maintain high standards for stroke patients throughout the day or night and on weekends and holidays. Argus Radiology’s teleradiology stroke protocol program gives you the consistent dependable support you need to save lives and minimize disability due to ischemic stroke.