Argus Radiology offers responsive, state-of-the-art solutions for today’s growing needs in the field of Tele-Echocardiography. Many Teleradiology companies do not offer Tele-Echocardiography due to the difficulties and often cost prohibitive structure involved.

Argus Radiology’s team of board-certified radiologists and cardiologists utilize a cloud-based image management system to provide accurate and prompt feedback. Hospitals, imaging facilities and ultrasound companies rely on Argus Radiology for critical support involving Tele-Echocardiography. Argus Radiology can simplify your business by being your single source for Teleradiology and Telecardiology interpretations.

Board-Certified Experts and Instant Access to Images and Reports Anytime

When you work with Argus Radiology, your facility is teamed with respected, board-certified radiologists and cardiologists who offer complete, accurate and thorough Tele-Echocardiography feedback when you need it. Because Argus Radiology uses a cloud-based system, your facility has the option of 24/7 access to cardio images and reports, and you also gain the benefit of long-term image storage.

Argus Radiology experts can become part of your team through the use of teleconferencing. Argus Radiology follows the DICOM standards, and high definition and high frame echo images that are compatible with industry standard software are optimized for viewing on standard radiology PACS.

Tele-Echocardiography services through Argus Radiology provide your facility with:

  • Time savings when evaluating critical conditions
  • Reduced costs and improved services by outsourcing with board-certified specialists
  • Improved efficiency through a team collaboration approach
  • 24/7 access to cardio images and a long-term image storage option

Experienced Team of Board-Certified Radiologists to Serve You

Argus Radiology services hospitals, imaging centers, mobile imaging providers and other healthcare providers who utilize professional radiology services delivered via Teleradiology. Argus Radiology services are provided by a team of experienced radiologists who are United States trained, based and board-certified. We offer both preliminary and final reports through our Teleradiology coverage solutions.

Argus Provides Teleradiology Services with the Flexibility You Need:

  • Virtual locum coverage for illnesses, vacations, holidays, weekends, and meetings
  • After hours and emergency coverage
  • Responsive 24/7/365
  • Preliminary and final reads sent within 20 – 30 minutes