– ACR Task Force on Teleradiology Practice –

Best Practice Guidelines – Four Areas of Focus

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Patients are the primary focus.

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Single standard of quality for both teleradiology and on-site radiologist.

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On-site coverage is preferred.

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Teleradiology should integrate standards of local radiology practice, hospitals, or imaging center (assimilated into same credentialing process).

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* Adapted from 2013 Journal of the American College of Radiology

Does the Teleradiology Firm You are Considering or Currently Using:
  • Maintain a fully redundant staff and network?
  • Employ exclusively US based, board certified radiologists?
  • Boast about their report turnaround average and TATs (turn around times)?
  • Maintain the same high professional standard that you do?
  • Offer ready access to radiologists and staff?
  • Make patients the primary focus?
  • Supplement & facilitate radiology practices rather than compete with or attempt to replace them?
  • Require only a reasonable number of radiologists to credential?
  • Have an established formal independent peer review process which addresses physician education and error reduction, enables longtudinal follow-up, and provides a opportunity for a second opinion when local caregivers raise concern?
  • Adhere to all ACR, DICOM, MQSA, and HIPAA standards?
  • Make teleradiologists available at all points in the continuum from before image acquisition to beyond rendering the report?
  • Make teleradiologists available to assist in selection of appropriate imaging tests, protocoling of studies, patient preparation, image quality control and use of contrast?
  • Promptly communicate critical and other important findings and fully document and track those communications?
  • Make teleradiologists available for consultation with referring physicians or on-site radiologists?
  • Incorporate relevant previous imaging studies and reports whenever possible?