Argus Radiology is exclusively a US provider of telemedicine services, with a complete staff of radiologists, cardiologists and teleradiology professionals all based and practicing in the United States. Dr. Wright, President, and Mr. Lugo, Chief Operating Officer, have nearly 30 years combined teleradiology experience. Our proactive monitoring and intervention as well as tracking of critical findings and communications help us anticipate and address problems before they arise or result in a service delay. Argus has grown rapidly since its inception; the market has responded favorably to our personable and proactive approach.

Jamey D. Wright, MD, President

Dr. Jamey D. Wright, Radiologist at Argus Radiology
Dr. Wright serves as President and Chief Medical Officer for Argus Radiology. Dr. Wright is active at every level of Argus Radiology, assuring that quality patient care is paramount. He graduated from medical school at the University of Illinois; his radiology residency was completed at the University of Missouri. He has over a decade of experience in the field of teleradiology and has specialized as a nighthawk and emergency radiologist since 2005. As a nighthawk teleradiologist, he saw a demand for a teleradiology company with Midwest sensibilities run by radiologists for patients, and formed Argus Radiology. Early in his career he led a rapidly growing multiple hospital group practice for many years and co-founded, owned and operated a busy outpatient imaging center that now has multiple locations in mid Missouri.

Carlos Lugo, Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Lugo serves as chief operating officer for Argus Radiology. Mr. Lugo is responsible for all operations, client support, strategic planning and system development. Prior to joining Argus Radiology, Mr. Lugo served in the same capacity as COO of Apex Radiology, one of the first and largest teleradiology companies in the country, where he was responsible for operations, business development and the design and implementation of a custom RIS and PACS. Under his direction, Apex experienced a 45% annual growth rate and turnaround times for reporting were reduced by more than half. Mr. Lugo has over twelve years of operations and technology experience in teleradiology and healthcare.