The radiology peer review standards are increasingly emphasizing the importance of an independent external peer review process. Have you established an external, unbiased, and fact-based QA peer-review program to reduce legal exposure and increase quality in your radiology department?

Many healthcare institutions recognize the importance of measuring their performance, maintaining a Peer Review program can be challenging, mainly because their existing program:

  • Relies on self-selected cases and allows their individual radiologists to make judgments about the accuracy of their colleague’s work.
  • In many cases, this introduces a conflict of interest, and is prone to an underestimation of error rates.

By not rendering objective, evidence-based, and unbiased decisions for cases reviewed, an institution may have increased exposure to legal or other negative actions. As the regulatory environment evolves, and more emphasis is placed on quality, does your QA Peer Review program adhere to the strictest quality standards? Argus Radiology offers a cost-effective, external peer review program that helps our customers obtain an impartial, accurate and objective clinical value of their radiology department.

The Argus Radiology external peer review can be extremely valuable to both small hospitals that do not currently have an established unbiased program or larger hospitals that want to utilize an independent third-party system because:

  • Internal peer reviews can be complemented, with non-conflicted, economical, and timely peer review results.
  • Performance can be improved on a case-by-case and radiologist-by-radiologist basis.
  • The credentialing of physicians and licensed independent practitioners and granting of hospital privileges can be qualified
  • Quality initiatives and risk management programs can be advanced, and malpractice exposure can be potentially reduced.

Argus Radiology is positioned to offer a low-cost Peer Review service and of the highest quality standards. As a Joint Commission Accredited company, Argus Radiology has US trained and board certified radiologists, a growing customer base, and over 95% customer retention. To capture the true quality picture of one of your top service lines and learn how Argus Radiology can substantially help you increase quality and improve patient care at your facility or practice, please contact me today at 630-418-0608 or email at


C. David Little
Sr. Director of Strategic Operations