Benefits of Argus Radiology’s Remote Radiology Services

We understand the challenges radiology groups, hospitals, clinics and imaging centers face in regards to radiologist staffing; we are here to help you overcome those challenges with our professional teleradiology services.

Below we feature some remote radiology (or teleradiology) benefits, and how they can help your radiology group, hospital, or clinic provide faster, more efficient patient care.


Argus Radiology Benefits

1. Radiologist-Owned and Operated

Argus Radiology is radiologist owned and operated. Active at every level of the company, radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront.

2. Turnaround Time = 15 Minutes or Less

We believe that being fully transparent about our numbers helps customers make better decisions when choosing a provider and keeps us accountable to maintain industry- leading service on a monthly basis.

3. Over 99.85% Accuracy Rates

Argus Radiology’s discrepancy rate from Jan 2013 – Sept 2015 was recorded at 0.11%. Our internal and external Quality Assurance programs ensure your patients and customers receive the highest quality service and accurate reporting.

4. Unique Teleradiology Business Model

Our proactive monitoring and intervention as well as tracking of critical findings and communications help us anticipate and address problems before they arise or result in a service delay.

5. Quality Reporting

Continuous monitoring of all systems and workflow, tracking of all critical finding and communications, and collections of quality, turnaround times, and customer satisfaction data means we can continuously improve and intervene before service issues arise.

6. Direct Access to Radiologists and Staff

As one of our clients you will have direct access to your partner radiologists who will be available to provide consulting or assist with exam protocols when you need it.

7. No Predatorial Threat

The non-compete of the written contract prohibits Argus from expanding services at your contracted facilities that extends to 2 years after a contract with Argus being resolved.

8. Joint Commission Accredited

Argus Radiology was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval Accreditation from The Joint Commission. All radiologists are US-based and ABR or AOBR-certified.

Argus By The Numbers

Argus Radiology’s dedication to patient care makes us better than our competitors. We work harder and quicker to become more accurate in the end, because in the business of teleradiology, efficiency and accuracy matter most of all. Argus averages a 14.7-minute turnaround time and has a 0.13 percent discrepancy rate. Our commitment to transparency is prevalent as well, as we consistently update and make our times and rate available to the public. View more on Argus By The Numbers here.