teleradiology technology

Our internal and external Quality Assurance programs ensure your patients and your customers are provided the highest quality service and accurate reporting.

Preliminary reads are 100% over read by our client on-site radiologists. Any discrepancies are reviewed by the Argus Radiology Quality Assurance Director and with the reading radiologist. Preliminary and final reads are subject to our internal Quality Assurance program; 3% of all studies are randomly assigned for independent peer review.

Independent Peer Review

Our formal independent peer review process is modeled after the ACR RADPEER™ program and focuses on the conspicuity of findings, the anticipated frequency with which the findings should be noted, and most importantly the effect on patient care. Any discrepancies are reviewed with the original radiologist. Consultation for second opinion is available to local caregivers at all times. The statistics are analyzed in longitudinal follow-up, compiled and compared to peers. Dr. Wright serves as the Independent Peer Review Committee Chairman and oversees all Independent Peer Review and Quality Assurance activities. The goals of our Independent Peer Review program are assurance of patient safety and quality with an emphasis on physician education and error reduction. We participate fully in your facility’s independent peer review policies and procedures and facilitate your Joint Commission mandated Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE/OPPE).

Reports will be prepared monthly, quarterly or at a custom interval based on your needs.