Teleradiology Services for Emergency Departments & Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

With the shortage of radiologists and the increasing demand for timely and accurate diagnostic interpretations by Emergency Departments within hospitals, hospitals and free-standing emergency rooms can greatly benefit from Argus Radiology’s teleradiology services.

Your emergency department and free-standing emergency rooms most likely does not staff a full-time radiologist. Even so, these interpretations can become overwhelming when handled alone and can be timely, affecting the overall care provided for the patient. Our experienced radiologists can allow for more timely interpretations of emergency room studies, resulting in improved patient care.

  • We limit the number of radiologists to 5-7 per facility.
  • Your practice will save time by never having to answer your own calls. We will do that for you.
  • Virtual Locum coverage for illnesses, vacations, holidays, weekends and meetings.
  • Responsive 24/7/365
  • After hours and emergency coverage
  • Preliminary and final reads sent within 20-30 minutes

Radiology Read Services for Emergency Departments & Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

Owned and operated by radiologists in the United States, Argus Radiology is able to provide professional insight and around-the-clock teleradiology solutions to help grow your business.

Reduced radiology costs, immediate imaging results, and improved access all make hospitals and emergency room more competitive and better able to serve the needs of their patients. Below are a few of the services your facility will enjoy when partnering with Argus Radiology:

Because Argus Radiology is owned and operated by radiologists in the United States, we are able to offer insight and provide solutions to your radiology services that will fit and grow your business.

Ways we can help grow your business:

  • Enhancement of current services
  • Radiology Staff Retention: Your in-house radiologists will appreciate their time off and better work-life balance by utilizing Argus Radiology as a dedicated teleradiology partner.
  • Workflow Efficiencies
  • Cost Savings

Argus By The Numbers

Our commitment to industry leading service that improves patient care is undeniable. That’s why we provide an updated display of our company’s average turn around times and average discrepancies reported. We believe that being fully transparent about our number not only helps customers make better decisions when choosing a teleradiology provider, but it keeps us accountable to maintain industry leading service on a monthly basis.

While patient care is the cornerstone of our teleradiology services, as a radiologist owned and operated service, we understand the unique demands of your emergency or standalone emergency room practice. Our experienced team of Board-Certified Radiologists is ready to serve you. Fill out our “Get A Quote” form today, or give us a call at 1-877-44ARGUS.