Argus Radiology’s team of US-based, state licensed, board-certified, and subspecialty fellowship trained radiologists provide remote teleradiology, on-site intervention, and imaging services to inpatient and outpatient orthopedic surgery centers within the United States.

“Argus has been an outstanding group to work with. They went above and beyond to meet a very short time frame to go live. Thier reads are very detailed, and they provide subspecialty trained radiologists to meet our needs.”

Kerri Williams R.T. (R) (MR)(CT), Premier Surgical Institute

Our unique workflow platform prioritizes and assigns your ordered MRI, CT, or Digital X-ray to the appropriate Argus radiologist for the timeliest and most accurate clinical diagnosis.

Argus Radiology is committed to patient care, providing accurate results, and timely interpretations.  Our services include:Teleradiology for Orthopedic surgeons

Argus Radiology’s Key Points of Differentiation:

  • Radiologist owned and managed (radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront)
  • Transparent Turn-Around-Times (consistently averaging < 20 minutes since Jan. 1, 2013)
  • Accuracy rates over 99.89% (discrepancies between 2013-2015 < 0.11% – lower than any documented study measuring discrepancy rates of TeleRadiology companies)
  • Direct Access to Radiologists (direct phone # to the reading Radiologist is located at the bottom of each report)
  • Quality of Reports (based upon comments and feedback provided new clients in blinded surveys)
  • Quick and easy web-based RIS/PAC system (submitting, viewing and receiving reports with 24-hour support)
  • Business model unique to TeleRadiology – credentialing and/or assigning a limited, 5-10, Radiologists per facility. This structure minimizes the efforts required by those credentialing, improves familiarity and communication between ordering physician, staff and radiologist with the ultimate result (we believe) enhanced patient care.
  • Trust – Non-preditorial Argus Radiology is working with/for you. Our non-compete, standard, contract prohibits Argus from expanding services at our client’s facilities 2-years beyond dissolution of contract
  • Redundant staffing (24*7*365 availability)
  • Sub-Specialty reads with MRI, CT, and US pricing discounts available (volume based)
  • Preliminary & Final Reports (with added flexibility to order STAT or ROUTINE reports)
  • Personalized service tailored to your needs, your work-flow, and your connection abilities/desires (high customer-satisfaction surveys result)
  • Joint Commission Accredited

Argus By The Numbers

Argus Radiology provides turnaround times consistently averaging < 20 minutes with a 99.89% clinical accuracy rate. These numbers are updated monthly on our website home page for transparency and accountability. Beyond exemplary metrics, our radiologists are patient-focused, directly accessible, and personable.