Teleradiology Services for Rural Community Hospitals

Your small or rural hospital has diverse needs, and it can become difficult and expensive to staff radiologists in every specialty. At Argus Radiology, we use the latest technology in the radiology field along with our professional team of US-based radiologists to improve the quality of patient care for those hospitals who can’t seem to justify hiring an on-site radiologist to work 24/7.

Argus Radiology’s physicians are trained in radiological subspecialties, including preliminary reads, final reads, fractional FTE, and additional solutions. Argus’ high level of expertise allows us to provide rural community hospitals with the subspecialty expertise of a major research hospital. Argus Radiology can help you improve your services in a timely and efficient manner by providing a personal connection to our highly skilled radiologists.

  • We limit the number of radiologists to 5-7 per facility.
  • Your practice will save time by never having to answer your own calls. We will do that for you.
  • Virtual Locum coverage for illnesses, vacations, holidays, weekends and meetings.
  • Responsive 24/7/365
  • After hours and emergency coverage
  • Preliminary and final reads sent within 20-30 minutes

Success Story – Gatesville, Texas


Community-based rural hospital experiences inconsistent turnaround times with longtime on-site solo radiologist position possibly compromised by aggressive teleradiology vendor. Hospital seeks improvement in turnaround times without threatening retention of staff radiologist.


Argus Radiology, with average turnaround times < 20 minutes, provides a mixed solution of Virtual Locum Tenens, after-hour final-read reports, and Argus standard re-assuring contractual clause prohibiting radiologist displacement.

“The right ‘fit’ for Community-Based, Rural &Acute Care Hospitals… and the Radiologists who serve them!”

– Coryell Memorial Healthcare System-


Radiology Read Services for Rural Community Hospitals

Reduced radiology costs, immediate imaging results, and improved access all make hospitals more competitive and better able to serve the needs of their patients. Below are a few of the benefits your hospital will enjoy when partnering with Argus Radiology:

  • Enhancement of current services
  • Radiology Staff Retention: Your in-house radiologists will appreciate their time off and better work-life balance by utilizing Argus Radiology as a dedicated teleradiology partner.
  • Workflow Efficiencies
  • Cost Savings

Argus By The Numbers

Argus Radiology’s dedication to patient care makes us better than our competitors. We work harder and quicker to become more accurate in the end, because in the business of teleradiology, efficiency and accuracy matter most of all. Argus averages a < 20 minute turnaround time with a 99.89% clinical accuracy rate. Our commitment to transparency is prevalent as well, as we consistently update and make our times and rate available to the public.