Most teleradiology firms are radiology groups that have entered the nighthawk and dayhawk realm as a secondary interest or were teleradiology firms that are also staffing hospitals on-site. Argus Radiology was formed with only one interest – to facilitate our customers with teleradiology. We have not made competing with our customers for hospital contracts part of our business model. We are not interested in staffing hospitals or imaging centers with radiologists on-site.


We provide voluntary reports of QA, Turnaround Time, customer satisfaction survey and other measured results.


Argus is radiologist owned and operated. Our size means our radiologists and staff will develop a personal relationship with your referrers and staff. Every customer gets the personal attention they deserve.


As one of our clients you will have direct access to your partner radiologists who will be available to provide consulting or assist with exam protocols when you need it.


No set up costs are involved for our services and there are no nightly minimums. At Argus we keep our overhead low so we can pass our savings on to you, our customer.


Continuous monitoring of all systems and workflow, tracking of all critical findings and communications, and collection of quality, turnaround, and customer satisfaction data means we can continuously improve and intervene before service issues arise.


Work with radiologist leadership directly to tailor a customized solution for your facility.


Argus radiologists are all graduates of ACGME accredited radiology residencies, certified by the American Board of Radiology, U.S. based, and dedicated to quality. Many are fellowship trained.


Our internal and external Quality Assurance programs ensure your patients and your customers are provided the highest quality service and accurate reporting.


Our IT support team is available to you 24/7. Our systems are monitored continuously and maintained around the clock so that problems are addressed before they can result in a service delay.


Argus Radiology is radiologst owned and operated. Active at every level of the company, radiologist leadership ensures that every concern is addressed with patient care the number one priority. Throughout the process you will have direct access to customize and tailor a solution specifically for your facility.

Personal Attention You Deserve

With customer service at the forefront, our radiologists and staff will develop a personal relationship with your referrers and staff. Every customer receives the attention they deserve – rather than being treated like you’re just one in a thousand customers. Our size allows us to provide a level of personal attention that larger firms cannot.

Radiologists Ready When You Need Them

We strive to ensure that our radiologists are rested, alert and attentive. It is our goal to ensure that they thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Our radiologists work 8-10 hour shifts for 7 days followed by 7 days off.

Reasonable Credentialing

By credentialing 7-10 radiologists we are able to staff at least 2 radiologists for every evening reading for your facility. You may find larger firms need to credential 30 or more radiologists to achieve the same results.

A Model That Works

Our physician-owners, administration, physician services, and development have over 100 years of combined teleradiology experience   Our proactive monitoring and intervention, as well as tracking of critical findings and communications, help us anticipate and address problems before they arise or result in a service delay. Argus (now REAL Radiology) has grown rapidly since its inception; the market has responded favorably to our personable and proactive approach.