Argus focuses on the following customer segments:

  • Radiology Groups <30 Employees
  • Free-Standing Emergency Rooms
  • Rural, Community-Based & Acute Care Hospitals
  • Orthopedic Surgery Centers

….Our sole focus remains, as it did on day one, Personalized TeleRadiology Service.


Argus Radiology’s Key Points of Differentiation 

  • Radiologist owned and managed (radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront)
  • Transparent Turn-around-times (consistently averaging <20 minutes since January 1st, 2013)
  • Accuracy rates over 99.85% (discrepancies between 2013-2015 < 0.13% )
  • Direct access to Radiologists (direct phone # to the reading Radiologist is located at the bottom of each report)
  • Quality of Reports (based upon comments and feedback provided new clients in blinded surveys)
  • Quick and easy web-based RIS/PAC system (submitting, viewing and receiving reports with 24-hour support)
  • Business model unique to TeleRadiology (credentialing and/or assigning a limited, 5-10, Radiologists per facility) This minimizes the efforts required by those credentialing and improves the familiarity/ communication between ordering physician and radiologist. Our goal is enhanced patient care.
  • Trust – Argus Radiology as an extension of your current service – Our non-compete, standard, contract prohibits Argus from expanding services at our client’s facilities 2-years beyond dissolution of contract.
  • Redundant Staffing (24*7*365 availability)
  • Sub-Specialty reads with MRI, CT, and US (volume based discounts available)
  • Preliminary & Final Reports
  • Stroke Protocol Adherence
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • Personalized Service (tailored to your needs, your work-flow, and your connectivity abilities and desires)