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Top 5 reasons I hate computer science

                                   I HATE COMPUTER SCIENCE

There may be a variety of reasons why you don’t like computer science. Everyone has unique interests and skills, so it’s vital to keep in mind that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. These are some possible explanations for why you might not enjoy computer science:

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Lack of interest:

Lack of interest

It’s possible that you don’t just naturally have a passion or predisposition for computer science. A passion for working with technology, analytical thinking, and problem-solving are all necessary in this area. It’s normal to feel uninterested if these elements don’t pique your attention.


Lack of connection

The discipline of computer science can be difficult and complex. It frequently calls for logical thinking, meticulousness, and the desire to invest a lot of time in analysing and debugging code.

If you find these elements annoying or overbearing, it can make the topic less interesting to you.

Lack of connection:

Lack of connection

You might not feel a personal affinity for the uses of or significance of computer science in the actual world. You might not find computer science gratifying if you favour professions that have a more direct and noticeable impact on people’s lives, such the social sciences or healthcare.

Misaligned learning styles

Misaligned learning styles

The majority of computer science courses combine theoretical ideas, programming languages, and practical projects. It may be more difficult to appreciate and understand the subject if the instructional strategies or learning materials don’t fit your personal learning style.

Limited exposure:


Limited exposure

It’s also possible that your experience with computer science has been limited or influenced by negative factors such as ineffective teaching, lack of support, or a poor introduction to the subject. In such cases, exploring different resources or approaches might help you gain a fresh perspective.

Remember, not liking computer science doesn’t mean you’re not capable or intelligent. It’s essential to explore other subjects and fields that align better with your interests and strengths. It’s okay to have different passions and pursue a path that resonates with you personally.


should i do computer science if i hate coding

should i do computer science if i hate coding

  • It might not be the ideal choice for you to pursue a computer science degree if you actually detest programming. Despite including coding, computer science covers a wider range of subjects, including algorithms, data structures, theoretical ideas, and computer systems. However, coding is a crucial component of the industry, so you’ll probably run into it during your studies and job.
  • In light of this, it’s critical to consider your hate of coding. It can be worthwhile to give it another shot if you haven’t thoroughly investigated it or if you haven’t discovered the programming language or industry that speaks to you. It can sometimes be more enjoyable if you study new languages or experiment with other coding programmes. But if you’ve given it a fair shot and truly detest the procedure and problem-solving required, it would be worthwhile to think about switching to a subject that more closely matches your interests and talents.
  • beyond coding, computer science offers many other job options, including research, data analysis, project management, cybersecurity, and more. You may alternatively go into these fields if you are still interested in computer science’s theoretical parts. Additionally, you might take into account adjacent disciplines with different emphasises and possibly requiring less coding, such as information technology, computer engineering, or human-computer interaction.
  • In the end, it’s crucial to work in a subject that you find rewarding and enjoyable. assess getting help from academic advisers, business professionals, or career counsellors who may offer more individualised guidance based on your particular circumstances as you assess your interests, strengths, and ambitions.


Is computer science waste ?

Is computer science waste ?


  • Computers, computational systems, and algorithms are all the subject of the discipline known as computer science. It has a tremendous impact on many areas of our lives, including technology, communication, healthcare, transportation, and more. It plays a critical part in contemporary society. Here are some justifications for why computer science is not viewed as a waste of time:
  • Technology has advanced significantly as a result of computer science, allowing us to create powerful computers, cellphones, software programmes, and other digital tools that have revolutionised industries and enhanced our daily lives.
  • Opportunities for Employment: There is a constant need for qualified computer scientists and software developers. Wide-ranging employment options are available in computer science, and experts in this sector are frequently in demand and well-paid.
  • Innovation and Research: Computer science is a major driver of innovation and research in a number of fields, including cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence. These developments could solve challenging issues, boost productivity, and open up new possibilities.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Learning computer science aids in the development of logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These abilities are useful in many different fields outside of computer science.
  • Digital Transformation: In a world that is becoming more and more digital, computer science plays a crucial role in enabling digital transformation in various businesses. Businesses may reach a wider audience and enhance efficiency by streamlining their operations.

is cs harder than engineering?

is cs harder than engineering?

Comparing the difficulty of computer science (CS) and engineering is a matter of opinion and depends on a number of variables, including individual aptitude, personal interests, and the particular field of CS or engineering under consideration. Both occupations demand a high level of problem-solving and critical thinking abilities because they deal with complicated concepts.

Algorithms, data structures, programming languages, software development, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the topics that are usually the emphasis of computer science. It requires a thorough grasp of mathematical and logical principles.

On the other hand, engineering comprises a wide number of fields, including, to name a few, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and aerospace engineering. Every area of engineering has unique difficulties and specialised skills. Engineering is the design, analysis, and construction of structures, equipment, systems, and processes using scientific and mathematical concepts.

Depending on an individual’s ability, prior experience, and the particular courses or projects they pursue, CS or engineering might range in difficulty. While some people could struggle with particular engineering topics, such as advanced thermodynamics or structural analysis, others might find it difficult to understand certain CS concepts, such as theoretical computer science or advanced algorithms.

computer science overrated reddit

computer science overrated reddit

I don’t have any personal views, but I can provide you some information about the subject.

Individuals’ perceptions on whether computer science is overrated or underrated can differ, and Reddit, being a forum for user-generated material, is likely to include a range of viewpoints. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Reddit is made up of various communities, each with its own culture and viewpoints. As a result, depending on the subreddit you visit, opinions on any topic, even computer science, can vary dramatically.

Nevertheless, because of its growing significance across a range of industries, computer science has seen tremendous expansion and attention in recent years. The advancement of technology, artificial intelligence, data science, and software development has boosted interest in and demand for expertise in the field of computer science.

The vastness of the discipline of computer science and the variety of subfields it encompasses—including databases, computer networks, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and more—should be noted. Some may contend that the popularity of computer science has overinflated its value, resulting in a professional oversupply that may have a negative impact on educational options or employment prospects.

Contrarily, computer science has shown to be incredibly influential and transformative, promoting innovation and advancement in a variety of fields. It has transformed many aspects of our life, including transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and communication. Career prospects in the industry are expanding, and there is a continued high demand for qualified computer scientists.


struggling in computer science reddit

struggling in computer science reddit

Reddit is a fantastic resource if you need assistance with computer science. There are a number of computer science and programming-specific sub reddits where you can post queries, look for answers, and obtain study materials. Here are some well-known examples:

  • r/learnprogramming: The goal of this sub reddit is to aid novice programmers in their learning. You can seek help from the community and ask questions about particular programming languages or concepts.
  • r/compsci: Computer science-related debates and news are more the focus of this subreddit. You can still ask questions and look for guidance on particular subjects, though.
  • This sub reddit is a wonderful place to get assistance if you have any queries about computer science professions, job interviews, or career advice.
  • r/AskComputerScience: It is only acceptable to ask questions about computer science theory and concepts on this forum. You can post your question here and receive advice from professionals if you’re having trouble understanding a certain subject.
  • When posting a question on Reddit, keep in mind to be specific and concise. Give sufficient background and details to enable people to comprehend your issue. In order to make sure your question meets the standards of the community, read the rules and guidelines of each sub reddit before posting.

There are additional internet tools besides Reddit that can assist you with computer science. Stack Overflow, GitHub, and other websites

how to enjoy computer science reddit

how to enjoy computer science reddit

You can take the following actions to enjoy Reddit’s sub reddits dedicated to computer science:

Make a Reddit account if you don’t already have one: Register for a Reddit account. It only takes a few minutes and is free.

Reddit’s search function can be used to locate sub reddits that are linked to computer science. r/compsci, r/programming, r/cscareerquestions, r/learnprogramming, and r/AskComputerScience are a few of the more well-known ones. You can also look through specialised subreddits that cover particular technologies, programming languages, or topics of interest in computer science.

Sub reddits that interest you can be joined by clicking the “Join” or “Subscribe” button on their page once you’ve found them. Posts from the sub reddit will then show up in your Reddit home feed.

Customise your Reddit feed: You can modify your feed settings to guarantee that Computer Science-related posts are prominently shown in your Reddit home feed. Click the Customise button in the right sidebar of the “Home” tab on Reddit. From there, you can boost the number of postings from sub reddits related to computer science.

Engage with the community by taking part in debates, posing queries, and adding your own observations to sub reddit posts. Reddit thrives on community interaction, so don’t be shy about sharing your views.

Vote up and save intriguing posts: As you peruse through the Computer Science sub reddits, vote up any articles you find valuable or fascinating. This promotes interesting conversations and draws attention to high-quality information. Additionally, you have the option of saving posts for later review.

Investigate related resources: Many sub reddits include links to other websites that contain informational articles, instructional videos, and coding challenges. Utilise these resources to increase your computer science knowledge and proficiency.

Observe the Reddit policies and guidelines: Learn the policies and criteria for every sub reddit you join. Reddit’s community rules and guidelines guarantee civil and beneficial interactions. To ensure a great experience for you and others, keep these rules in mind.


Day in the life of a computer science major reddit


Day in the life of a computer science major reddit                 

Greetings, Redditors! I wanted to share with you today how a regular day for me as a computer science major goes. Although every student may have a different schedule, here is an outline of how my day often goes:

Rise and shine at 8:00 a.m

At 8:00 AM, I awaken to begin my day. I’m ready to dive into the fascinating world of code after a short meal and a cup of coffee (a computer science major’s fuel, right?).

Classes and lectures run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Typically, I spend my mornings in lectures and classes. I’m taking a range of classes, including software engineering, data structures, algorithms, and the principles of programming. Both theoretical and practical coding exercises are covered in these classes. It’s

noon to one o’clock: Lunch Break

It’s time for lunch after the morning lectures to refuel. I either meet up with pals for a meal on campus or I bring my own food and hang out in the common room of the computer science department. It’s a terrific opportunity to catch up with classmates and talk about interesting tech developments or tricky coding problems.

Laboratory sessions and project work from 1:00 to 4:00.

I typically have lab sessions or project work in the afternoon. Labs give students a chance to practise the ideas they have learned in class. It’s the ideal chance to put what we’ve learnt into practise and receive direct instruction from teaching assistants. If there isn’t a lab, I use this time to concentrate on homework or side programming projects. I occasionally work with

4:00–6:00 PM: Review and Study

I usually set out some time in the late afternoon for studying, reviewing, and reading textbooks. Because computer science might be difficult, it’s important to practise the content outside of the classroom. I might also look up information online, watch lessons on programming, or take part in coding competitions on websites like LeetCode or HackerRank.

I make care to exercise occasionally to maintain balance and prevent being a “code potato.” This can be using the gym on campus, going for a run, or joining a team for a recreational sport. Exercise helps me stay mentally sharp and lead a healthy lifestyle. After that, I unwind by watching TV shows and playing video games.

Coding projects and side hustles from 7 to 10 p.m.

The best time to work on personal coding projects or side gigs is in the evenings. I get to work on my own projects or freelance work at this time. The options are unlimited, whether it’s creating a web application, collaborating on open-source projects, or developing a mobile app. I occasionally work on coding tasks with friends or take part in coding competitions.

10:00–11:00 PM: Decompress

I finish up any outstanding assignments, respond to emails, or prepare my tasks for the next day as the day comes to a close. In order to recharge and be prepared for the difficulties ahead, I make sure to obtain a decent night’s sleep.



Programming, algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and other disciplines are all included in the broad field of computer science. It has significantly advanced a number of areas, including technology, healthcare, banking, and entertainment, and plays a fundamental part in forming the modern world.

Even while it occasionally presents difficulties, computer science also presents many chances for invention, creativity, and problem-solving. It enables people to create software programmes, create algorithms to tackle challenging issues, and take part in cutting-edge research and development.

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