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What is the IPO G of all E Technologies? Today 2023

What is the IPO G of all E Technologies?

ALLETEC is the IPO G of All E Technologies. The All E Technologies shares will be traded using this code on the NSE SME exchange. The shares were launched on the NSE SME exchange on December 21, 2022, and the IPO was open for registration from December 9 to December 13, 2022.

all E Technologies

For each IPO, a special identifier known as the IPO G is used to trace the company’s shares on the stock exchange. All E Technologies’ IPO G, ALLETEC, will be used to trade the company’s shares on the NSE SME exchange.

What is NSE SME exchange

NSE SME exchange

Shares of India’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can be traded on the NSE SME exchange. The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) introduced it in 2012 to give SMEs a more convenient and economical alternative to obtain funds.

  • a less stringent listing standard than the NSE main board
  • Reduced trading commissions
  • a market maker program with specificity
  • putting emphasis on investor awareness and education

The NSE SME market has been successful in luring a lot of SMEs to list their shares since its establishment. More than 700 companies will be listed on the market as of March 2023.

  • A minimum paid-up capital of 50 million Indian rupees is required for the company.
  • At least three years must have passed since the company’s founding.
  • The previous two years’ profitability for the business must have been positive.
  • At least 200 shareholders must own shares of the company.


What is the lot size of all e tech?

1600 shares make up each lot in the IPO of All E Technologies. As a result, you can only purchase or sell shares in multiples of 1600 during the IPO. You must wait until the shares are listed on the stock exchange before you can buy or sell them in lesser numbers if you want to purchase fewer than 1600 shares.

The All E Technologies IPO’s pricing range is between Rs. 87 and Rs. 90 per share. As a result, the required minimum investment in the initial public offering would be Rs. 144,000 (1600 * 90).


What is the price of all e tech ipo?

The All E Technologies IPO’s pricing range is between Rs. 87 and Rs. 90 per share. This indicates that the shares were made available to buyers for between Rs. 87 and Rs. 90 per share. It was decided that the final offering price would be Rs. 90 per share.

  • The initial public offering began on December 9 and ended on December 13, 2022. On December 16, 2022, the shares were listed on the NSE SME exchange.
  • Through the IPO, the company raised a total of Rs. 48.20 crores. The company will utilize the IPO funds to finance its expansion ambitions, which will include growing its sales and marketing staff, creating new goods and services, and acquiring additional companies.
  • Ever since All E Technologies’ shares were placed on the stock exchange, they have had strong trade. As of July 17, 2023, the stock has a market value of roughly 500 crores of rupees.

Which IPO is the biggest IPO in world?

The Saudi Aramco IPO, which raised $25.6 billion in December 2019, is the largest IPO ever. The business is a multinational oil and gas corporation from Saudi Arabia.

Here is a list of the top 10 biggest IPOs in the world:

  1. Saudi Aramco (2019) – $25.6 billion
  2. Alibaba Group (2014) – $21.7 billion
  3. SoftBank Corp (2018) – $21.3 billion
  4. NTT Mobile (2015) – $18.1 billion
  5. Visa (2008) – $17.86 billion
  6. General Motors (2010) – $15.6 billion
  7. Enel (2008) – $13.5 billion
  8. Facebook (2012) – $16 billion
  9. AIA Group (2010) – $15.8 billion
  10. Agricultural Bank of China (2010) – $14.0 billion

How is IPO different from e IPO?

IPO different from e IPO

The first time a corporation offers its shares to the general public is known as a “IPO,” or initial public offering. This makes it possible for the business to raise money and go public.

An totally online IPO is known as a “e-IPO,” or “electronic IPO.” This indicates that investors may use a website or mobile application to request shares in the IPO.

Here are some of the key differences between IPOs and e-IPOs:

  • procedure: Investment banks, brokers, and underwriters are often involved in the traditional procedure used to undertake initial public offerings (IPOs). All aspects of e-IPOs are carried out online, which can increase efficiency and convenience for investors.
  • Cost: Since corporations must pay commissions to investment banks and other middlemen, IPOs can be costly for businesses. Due to the lack of these costs, corporations may find that e-IPOs are less expensive.
  • Accessibility: Because they sometimes demand sizable minimum investments, IPOs can be challenging for regular investors to engage in. Retail investors may find e-IPOs more accessible because they frequently have lower minimum investments.

Here are a few advantages of e-IPOs:

  • Convenience: Compared to the conventional method of applying through a broker, investors can apply for shares in an e-IPO through a website or mobile app.
  • Efficiency: Since there is no need to print, mail, or process paper applications for the e-IPO, it may be more efficient than the standard process.
  • Accessibility: Because e-IPOs often have smaller minimum investments than traditional IPOs, they may be more readily available to retail investors.

Here are a few dangers associated with e-IPOs:

  • Technology risk: There is a chance that the e-IPO’s technology would malfunction, making it impossible for investors to apply for shares or receive their shares.
  • Risk of fraud: There is a chance that scammers will attempt to take advantage of investors by creating phony websites or mobile apps that mimic the genuine e-IPO website or app.
  • Market risk: Before investing, investors should be aware of the risks associated because the price of the shares in an e-IPO can fluctuate.

Netweb Technologies IPO subscription status


As of 18:36:16 PST on July 17, 2023, the Netweb Technologies IPO is subscribed 2.38 times. The retail category is subscribed 3.13 times, the NII category is subscribed 3.70 times, and the QIB category is subscribed 0.03 times. The issue closes on July 19, 2023.

Category Subscription (times) Shares Offered Shares bid for
QIB 0.03 2520200 66720
NII 3.700 1890150 6996540
bNII (bids above ₹10L) 3.230 1260100 4065360
 sNII (bids below ₹10L) 4.650 630050 2931180
Retail 3.120 4410350 13781820
Employee 7.090 19000 134640
Total 2.370 8839700 20979720

Investors have treated the IPO favorably, and demand from retail investors has been particularly high. Although this has been typical for Indian IPOs, the QIB category has been relatively weak.

On July 20, 2023, the shares will be allocated in their whole. On July 21, 2023, investors who get shares can begin trading them on the NSE and BSE.

Netweb Technologies IPO GMP Today

The grey market premium (GMP) for the July 17, 2023, IPO of Netweb Technologies is 365 per share. This indicates that the shares are trading 365 rupees over their Rs. 500 issue price. The GMP is a sign of IPO demand and is frequently regarded as an indication of the listing price of the shares.

In the last few days, the GMP for Netweb Technologies’ IPO has been progressively increasing. The GMP on July 16, 2023, was 350 per share. This signals that there is significant interest in the IPO and that the shares may list on the exchanges at a premium.

On July 21, 2023, when the shares begin trading on the NSE and BSE, the final listing price of the shares will be decided. The GMP, however, provides a reliable prediction of the listing price.


Netweb Technologies IPO

The initial public offering (IPO) of shares of Netweb Technologies India Limited is known as the Netweb Technologies IPO. The IPO’s subscription period began on July 17, 2023, and it ended on July 19, 2023. With an IPO price range of Rs. 475 to Rs. 500 per share, the company is offering 88,58,630 shares. Through the IPO, the company hopes to raise Rs. 631 crore.


Grey Market Premium (GMP) is the premium that a security trades at in the grey market over and above its issue price. The grey market is an unofficial market where shares are traded before they are listed on an exchange.

IPO subscription

Investors must apply to purchase shares in an initial public offering (IPO) in order to participate in the subscription process. Demand for the IPO is based on the quantity of shares that are subscribed to.

High-end computing solutions

For companies and organizations that need to tackle difficult problems or enhance the performance of their apps and services, high-end computing solutions can be a significant asset. However, before determining whether to utilize them or not, it is crucial to thoroughly weigh the advantages and drawbacks.Supercomputers are the most powerful computers in the world

Indian and multinational customers

When it comes to high-end computer solutions, Indian and international customers have different wants and expectations. Customers from India frequently seek out solutions that are both inexpensive and simple to use. They can also be searching for solutions that are made to meet their particular requirements, like the capacity to manage vast volumes of data or execute intricate programs.


A qualified institutional buyer (QIB) is an investor who meets certain criteria set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). QIBs are typically large institutions such as mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds

Rs 631 crore

631 crore rupees is a sizable sum of money. It is almost $850 million USD equivalent.Netweb Technologies is seeking to raise Rs. 631 crore through its first public offering. Subscriptions for the IPO are accepted from July 17, 2023, through July 19, 2023. The pricing range for the shares is between Rs. 475 and Rs. 500 per share.


NII, Non-Institutional Investor, adalah kategori investor yang tidak termasuk dalam kategori QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyer). NII biasanya terdiri dari individu dan perusahaan kecil.

retail investors

Retail investors are individual investors who invest in securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They are typically not professional investors and do not have the same level of experience or knowledge as institutional investors.

Company Contact Information

Netweb Technologies India Limited
Plot No H-1, Pocket 9,
Faridabad Industrial Town (FIT), Sector-57,
Ballabhgarh, Faridabad – 121004
Phone: +911292310416

Netweb E Technologies India IPO Registrar

Link Intime India Private Ltd

Phone: +91-22-4918 6270

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