In Greek Mythology, Argus refers to a “Giant of 100 eyes.”


The Giant, Argus, stood watch ’round-the-clock’ for the Goddess Hera. Similarly, Argus Radiology keeps a watchful eye for our clients 24/7/365.
As a tribute to her trusted watchman, Hera took the eyes of Argus and placed them upon the tail of her favorite bird, the peacock (hence, the Argus logo).

At ARGUS RADIOLOGY we tailor our service to our client’s individual needs. While we don’t say we are treating each client like a Goddess– though we try, we are “Personalizing TeleRadiology.”

With 90% of our customers having transferred from competitors, find out why they remain!

*Other companies with names based on Greek Mythology include Amazon, Nike and Pandora.