Argus Radiology was formed, from day one and still today, on providing teleradiology services to a variety of groups and facilities across the United States. Argus Radiology is exclusively a US provider of telemedicine services with a complete staff of Diagnostic Radiologists (including fellowship subspecialty training in MSK, Neuro, Body Imaging, and Breast), Cardiologists, and teleradiology professionals all based and practicing in the United States.

While the mega-teleradiology companies have moved into the space that competes with on-site radiologists, Argus has doubled-down on teleradiology.

Radiologist ownership and leadership, at all levels within the company, ensure the concerns of Argus Radiology’s core clients are addressed… with patient care being the number one priority!


Radiology Group Practices < 30 Radiologists

Radiology Group Practices with less than 30 Diagnostic Radiologists have unique needs that Argus’ business model was first developed to benefit.  At the core of Argus’ service is the ability to provide 24/7 consistent interpretations throughout the year (including the seasonality fluctuations that contribute to many teleradiology companies faltering… and when you are most dependent).  Minimizing turnaround time fluctuations (including high-demand summer months) is essential to fulfilling our customer’s expectations… Learn More

“Argus Radiology is reliable and timely with great response on any questions or issues.”

Brandon Selle, Northeast Missouri Imaging Associates

Emergency Departments & Free-Standing Emergency Centers

Having a radiologist on-demand for timely and accurate diagnostic interpretations is essential for Emergency Departments within hospitals and freestanding emergency centers.  Argus Radiology consistently monitors turnaround times to ensure study results are expedited for patients designated with stroke protocol, critical findings, trauma, and/or STAT… Learn More

“We are extremely happy with Argus Radiology and the quality of service they are providing for our company. We get speedy turnaround and excellent reporting from this company.”

Theresa Summers, Georgia Emergency Associates

Rural, Community-Based & Acute Care Hospitals

Rural community hospitals have diverse needs and it can become difficult and expensive to staff every specialty. While Argus Radiology is agreement with the ACR recommendations that an on-site radiologist is optimal, we realize some hospitals cannot justify hiring an on-site radiologist to work 24/7.  It is our goal to work with your on-site radiologist to provide the solution personalized to your unique situation (including over-flow coverage, vacation coverage, virtual locums, specialty reads, etc.)… Learn More

“Our physicians love the fast report turnaround time.   Argus Radiologists interact well with our staff physicians and we appreciate the direct contact (referring to Argus Radiologists answering calls without screening process), especially on cases involving critical findings (referring to Argus Radiologists calling the referring physician upon critical result).”-Erni Fincher, Director of Radiology, Coryell Memorial Healthcare System, Gatesville, Texas

Erni Fincher, Coryell Memorial Healthcare System, Gatesville, Texas

Orthopedic Practices and Orthopedic Surgery Centers

Argus Radiology has worked with Orthopedic Group Practices and Orthopedic Surgery Centers to develop personalized solutions that fulfill their unique needs… Learn More

“Argus Radiology is providing the consistent and comprehensive radiology service we need where our previous utilized services fell short.”

Kerri Williams, Premier Surgical Institute in Galena, Kansas

Argus Radiology’s Key Points of Differentiation:

  • Radiologist owned and managed (radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront)
  • Transparent Turn-Around-Times (consistently averaging < 16 minutes since Jan. 1, 2013)
  • Accuracy rates over 99.85% (discrepancies between 2013-2015 < 0.13% – lower than any documented study measuring discrepancy rates of TeleRadiology companies)
  • Direct Access to Radiologists (direct phone # to the reading Radiologist is located at the bottom of each report)
  • Quality of Reports (based upon comments and feedback provided new clients in blinded surveys)
  • Quick and easy web-based RIS/PAC system (submitting, viewing and receiving reports with 24-hour support)
  • Business model unique to TeleRadiology – credentialing and/or assigning a limited, 5-10, Radiologists per facility. This structure minimizes the efforts required by those credentialing, improves familiarity and communication between ordering physician, staff and radiologist with the ultimate result (we believe) enhanced patient care.
  • Trust – Non-preditorial Argus Radiology is working with/for you. Our non-compete, standard, contract prohibits Argus from expanding services at our client’s facilities 2-years beyond dissolution of contract
  • Redundant staffing (24*7*365 availability)
  • Sub-Specialty reads with MRI, CT, and US pricing discounts available (volume based)
  • Preliminary & Final Reports (with added flexibility to order STAT or ROUTINE reports)
  • Stroke Protocol adherence
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • Personalized service tailored to your needs, your work-flow, and your connection abilities/desires (high customer-satisfaction surveys result)
  • Joint Commission Accredited

FACT:  >50% of our clients arrived at Argus due to dissatisfaction with their teleradiology provider/service!       

FACT: 95% of Argus clients are retained long-term!

Argus By The Numbers

Argus Radiology’s dedication to patient care makes us better than our competitors. We work harder and quicker to become more accurate in the end, because in the business of teleradiology, efficiency and accuracy matter most of all. Our commitment to transparency is prevalent as well, as we consistently update and make our times and rate available to the public.